Masonry Ties


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VUETRADE Brick Veneer Ties Light Duty are masonry wall ties ideal for joining wall frames and brickwork to provide stability in light duty applications.

Also available in Stainess Steel.

• Classified Light Duty when used with the accompanying Nails
• Conforms to Australian Standards AS2699 and AS3700
• Available in R2 (Galvanised), R3 (SS304), R4 (SS316)
• 0.9mm thick steel for extra strength
• Made in Australia

Warning: R2 Brick Ties are to be used no closer than 10km to surf
coast, or 1km to sheltered coast. R3 Brick Ties are to be used 1km –
10km from surf coast, or 100mt – 1km from sheltered coast. R4 Brick
ties are to be used within 3km of coastal or industrial areas. Refer to

Product Code(s)Metal ThicknessRatingDetailBox Qty
VBTLDR20.9mmR2Light Duty with Nails150
VBTLDR30.9mmR3Light Duty with Nails; SS304150
VBTLDR40.9mmR4Light Duty with Nails; SS316150