VUETRADE’s range of quality Stainless Steel Timber Connector has been recognisable with our Coastal316SS logo and slogan ‘for use within 5kms of the coast’. 

However it’s a case of out with the old and in with the new for 2018! We’re changing things slightly with the logo name and slogan, as you can see in the graphic. Read on to find out why we are making this change!

What’s changing?

Coastal316SS ‘for use within 5kms of the coast’ is changing to CoastalSS ‘for use in coastal and high corrosion areas’

The colours and design all remain the same, its so subtle you might miss it!

Why this change?

There are two reasons we have made this change:

  1. The VUETRADE range of Stainless Steel Timber Connectors incorporates both 304 and Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel.  We felt that it was confusing having the 316SS in the Logo.  (To clarify, all our brackets are 316 Stainless Steel and all Post Supports are available in 304 OR 316 Stainless Steel – we carry in stock mainly 304 Stainless Steel Post Supports).
  2. Coastal areas are not the only environments that are ‘high corrosion’ and this wasn’t reflected in our ‘for use within 5kms of the coast’ (Check out our Stainless Steel Specification Chart which guides where you should use Stainless Steel according to the Australian Standards).


This will roll out during 2018 and will shortly be updated right across our website