VUETRADE T-Blade & Cap System is a simple and efficient way of neatly installing beautiful timber posts. The system works with a combination of the three innovative VUETRADE products, T-Blades, T-Blade Caps, and VUEBOLTS.


A system developed by VUETRADE that provides superior holding strength to the timber posts and is able to suit a wide range of premium timber such as Cypress, Merbau, Jarrah & Spotted Gum timbers. An ideal concept for those projects that require unique fixing style such as exposed application and timber to timber applications. When using all three products, the results are unique.

  • Conceals Exposed Base Bolts
  • VUETRADE T-BLADE & CAP SYSTEMArchitectural Finish
  • Quick & Easy to Install
  • Available in Stainless Steel & Galvanised 
  • Suits posts from 90 to 230mm
  • Great for Timber to Timber applications

Here are the system’s three components consist of:

ONE :  T-Blade Post Supports

The T -Blade post anchor is a type – T post support used for bolting onto concrete, designed for applications where the post support needs to be concealed. VUETRADE has the largest range of post supports available catering for post sizes from 90 to 350mm.  

One size post support can suit a range of timber sizes (mm) as follow; 

  • 90 – 100
  • 115 – 140
  • 150 – 180
  • 180 – 250
  • 250 – 350

TWO:  T-Blade Post Support ‘Caps‘ 

They are an easy and convenient way to protect the T-Blade base and bolts when installing on premium timber posts. It is the ideal architectural finish, for designer timber projects.

Stainless Steel caps are available for all T-Blade sizes.

Timber to Timber application

Three: The one and Only VUEBOLT

To ensure a concealed architectural finish, the system is completed with the VUEBOLS, one of the VUETRADE latest innovations. The VUEBOLTS consist of a two-part mechanism of a male & female that fastens together to create a solid connection.

For more information watch our VUEBOLT video 

The way to use the system is simple. Place the cap over T -Blade Post Support AFTER it’s bolted to the concrete and BEFORE the Timber Post is installed. This will give you a neat Stainless Steel surround to finish off the base of your timber post and the mansory fixings are concealed.

Take out the guesswork when looking for a concealed and solid support for your projects especially when working with premium timber. The T-BLade & Cap system is your way forward. After you use it once you will never look back!