In December 2017 we published this article New And Improved Style Standard Bolt Down Post Anchor where we noted a further improvement to the design of our Standard Bolt Down Post Support would be available in 2018.

We are pleased to announce our Standard Bolt Down Post Supports now boasts a kN rating of 42.3kN. 

That’s a 172.9% increase from the original washer fixed design!

In house testing by VUETRADE identified a problem with the old design of our washer fixed Bolt Down Post Support.   The washer fixing design was providing a low load rating and failure was occurring with this fixing method.  An improvement in design yielded an improvement of 36% in late 2017.  A further improvement has yielded the current 42.3kN rating.

An important point to note is the maximum 42.3kN achieved was when the timber showed signs of failure, there was no failure of the post support at this rating.

The new design incorporates a cap which gives a nice, neat finish on a standard low price point product!

  • Improved Design
  • Higher Load Ratings
  • Neater Finish
  • Quick & Easy to Install
  • 42.3kN Load Rating*

*kN ratings mentioned are the maximum achieved under test conditions before the timber showed signs of failure.