COASTALSS – VUETRADE’s range of Stainless Steel Timber Connectors

VUETRADE’s range of Stainless Steel Timber Connectors are identifiable by the COASTALSS name/logo.  We specialise in the Timber Connector category as a whole. Correctly designed and consistently produced metal building brackets which meet and exceed the Australian Standards. We also have a focus on innovation and constant improvement, our products are fast and easy to install.


To meet the Australian Standards, often Stainless Steel rather than Galvanised brackets should be used.  So VUETRADE have a comprehensive range of Stainless Steel building brackets available.

Stainless Steel comes in 2 grades – 304 which has a higher component of ? and 316 which is the purest form of Stainless Steel.  316 is also known as Marine Grade Stainless Steel as it is the most suitable for marine environments as it will not corrode.

All our brackets produced from ‘sheet’ steel material are produced in 316 grade Stainless Steel.  This is due to the fact that 316 is required in most coastal applications and 304 will corrode over time which is not a desirable factor for thin sheet material.