The December VUETRADE Platinum Partner Store of the Month is Brock Building System in Tasmania.  

Brock Building System has been around for over 30 years, with a solid representation in providing quality services to the building industry focusing on bringing innovative solutions to the Tasmanian construction market. The past 18 months has been a landmark for Brock Building systems, they open the doors to the public just as the pandemic hit, brunching out from plasters to trades and have been a VUETRADE Platinum Partner since then.

The journey of becoming a Platinum Partner started with Brock Building searching for quality fixing and product materials to offer along with premium timber sold in-store, so we met with Shawn Price the Store Manager for a chat to find out more about how this came about. Check out the video with Shawn & Adam.


The VUETRADE vision of providing innovative, quality and time-saving products to the building industry and Brock’s passion for offering the same service to their clients made a unique combination for success.

When providing exclusive products to high-end builders you see great results and awesome projects.

The Brock team stand out by being much more personal with great technical knowledge and customer service, friendly skilled and interested staff, are some of the attributes that ensure builders and architects come back. By being family-owned and operated, is what differentiates them from the crowd, they can invest in what builders need the most and provide a real depth of technical expertise in the products they sell and the systems they recommend. The team believes that a  ‘can do’ attitude set out a great place to do business.

Brock Building VUETRADE Platinum Partner December 2021
Adam(left) Shawn (right)

The investment in products that are unique, such as the VUETRADE T-Blade & Cap system, concealed bolt downs and VUEBOLTS displayed in the showroom, is the type of product you will find at Brock Building. The VUETRADE Timber connector range features speciality, higher-end quality that works well with the quality timber that Brock Builders offers.

Location is also a point of difference, positioned on the Eastern Shore of Hobart, adjacent to the main feeder roads into and out of the city makes it accessible for a wide range of customers to access their easy drive through, or delivery if needed.

We ask the team WHY VUETRADE?

The  VUETRADE easy to deal with the people approach, great range of products, quality, and ahead of the competition in the market was the answer. Our mission is ‘Empowering retail & trade outlets of any size, and tradespeople everywhere; with a comprehensive, innovative and quality range of products: backed by exceptional service and consistent supply’”  we are glad we have reached that far with Brock Building.

This new partnership that started during the pandemic couldn’t have gone better and we are pleased to share a great success story and looking forward to another strong year of partnership for 2022.

‘We believe it is our level of service and our ability to really get to know our customers and their needs that help us grow, and remain our customer’s number 1 choice.” Brock Building System

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