September 2019 VUETRADE Store of the Month - UBC Trade
UBC Trade staff member Alex with the VUETRADE range

VUETRADE is pleased to reward Ulverstone Building Centre’s loyalty by awarding them the Store of the Month for September 2019!

UBC Trade is a committed building hardware and timber store, which provides Ulverstone, Tasmania with a wide range of timber, hardware and building materials. Their extensive product range includes a full offering of VUETRADE Timber Connectors, and is backed by a high level of product and building knowledge from the friendly staff.

VUETRADE rep Jamie Shedden caught up with UBC Trade’s David Jones lately:

What is it about your Store that makes it a place that Tradies love to buy from?

Our sales staff have strong relationships with our local tradespeople, which helps to maintain customer loyalty. We offer an extensive trade product range and we are continually seeking customers’ input to improve the ranges. Also, our range is not restricted to what is on the shelf – products not stocked can sourced for the customer.

Do you believe it’s all about location when it comes to business or is it unique products & customer service?

We are an independent, locally owned business. Our staff are experienced and have extensive knowledge in trade and DIY hardware business. Good customer service is the key. Additionally, with a flexible delivery schedule, it is important to deliver products to site on time and in full.

We look forward to supporting you! When is your next Trade Event going to be held & where?

With the redevelopment of our trade yard and drive through area, we will be looking forward to having a trade breakfast or evening in the coming months.