5 Good Reasons Why Timber should be used in your home.

There is something about timber in home construction. Is it the natural quality of Timber that gives a ‘home’ feel to your home? Whether it be the timber frame construction or the finish of the architraves. Tapping along the wall till you find a stud for that picture hanging nail! The slight creak and ‘give’ of a timber stair, the feeling of a timber handrail.  Or the look of a beautiful timber post. Whether you like the ‘look’ of timber, or just the feel; timber has and always will have a major place in Australian home construction!

Photo by BJB ArchitectsSearch beach style balcony design ideas

  1. Timber has unmatched natural Aesthetic Qualities both visual and sensory
  2. Timber has Acoustic and Thermal benefits
  3. Timber is a totally Recyclable product
  4. Timber is Stronger than Steel. Timber’s combination of strength and resiliency allows it to absorb shock and heavy loads, a benefit over many alternative structural products.
  5. Timber is Carbon Storage, every tree that grows and is harvested for construction leaves space for a new tree to grow storing more carbon.

VUETRADE have the complete range of Timber Connectors for your timber construction projects.  Both Galvanised and our extensive range of Coastal316SS Stainless Steel for marine and coastal applications.

Check out this interesting article we came across about the benefits of timber in construction.


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