Introducing you to the latest innovation in bolts: VUEBOLT

Check out our latest video of the VUEBOLT, the best product you can find in the market.

Manufacturing quality products for the building industry is what makes us proud to introduce the VUEBOLT. A revolutionary and innovative bolt that is now available for multiple applications giving each and every job a great concealed finish.

 The VUEBOLT was born by our R&D team listening to the feedback from our sales team with builders and tradies for this unique and innovative bolt system which is exactly what the market needed and wanted! 

One Image a thousand words! 

Do you want to know why we are different than other products currently in the market? The answer to that is simple, ONE CONCEALED FINISH. 

 VUEBOLT Post Support Bolts VUEBOLT Post Support Bolts

As you can see in pictures 1 & 2, stands out the protruding ends in the post supports, as per image 3, a concealed finish on both sides when using the VUEBOLT. 

This design of the VUEBOLT is unique, having a male and female threaded bolt system – it gives an aesthetic and architectural finish on both sides of your timber post. This concealed thread bolt means that only the neatly sloping bolt heads will show on either side – no exposed nuts, washers, or thread!

Reach out to our stockists and ask for the one and only VURBOLT!