Our manager Tim Shedden was caught on the job over the holiday break!

Concerned about the existing balcony at his family home, Tim was retro fitting some VUETRADE Joist Hangers to the joists.

This balcony was built by another builder/owner, and while well constructed in most areas, Tim has always been sceptical of the strength of the joists due to the fixing methods.  The timber joists have now shrunk away slightly from the supporting plates leaving a small gap where you can see the 3 fixing nails (yes that’s all they were fixed with) sloping downwards.  While there wasn’t going to be a failure in the deck in the short term, with a planned dinner over the break of 30 + guests, Tim wasn’t taking any risks and retro fitted joist hangers to the joists.

Decks and balconies are a common issue where poor construction or inferior products are a major risk and can result in injury or death.  And while some aspects of the deck may appear strong, if the construction method and materials aren’t sound, the load transfer through the structure may not be sufficient, which can be a cause of failure.

Tim started out as an apprentice builder back in 1980 and worked in the building industry until 1988, when he saw a need in the local market in Tasmania for a local wholesaler of building materials, and initially started out selling Cedar Timber and Treated Pine Lattice products, soon after adding ranges of building products.  This business grew and developed over the years since then to becoming a leading Timber Connectors Manufacturer. We’re now providing innovative, time-saving solutions for builders and in store solutions for building and hardware supply outlets right across Australia!

Tim hasn’t given up his tools since he left the building industry in 1988; he’s completed renovations and alterations to 3 family homes, helped on relatives and friends alterations and home building projects, and worked on numerous community projects.