Installing T Blade Post Anchors – Allowing for Termite Inspection

Installation Guide – Installing T Blade Post Anchors – Allowing for Termite Inspection

This VUETRADE™ Installation Guide details how to install a T Blade Post Support with or without a T Blade Cap, and allowing for Termite Inspection.

Under the AS 3660.1-2014 Termite Management Standards, it is recommended to allow a 75mm clear space from the bottom of the timber post for a visual inspection for termite activity. The 75mm must be from finished ground, landscaping or paving/concrete level.

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Step 1: Cut Slot Into Base Of Timber Post

⇒ Measuring up from the base of the post ensuring space is allowed for the base plate bolt heads, T Blade Cap and Termite Inspection; cut a 10.0mm wide slot in the centre of the timber post base. (see Table 1 for recommended slot sizes) Refer to VUETRADE T Blade Timber Cutting Schedules for VBPTB90100, VBPTB115140, VBPTB150180 and VBPTB180200 (only applicable for use with VUETRADE T Blade Concealing Caps).

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Step 2: Drill Bolt Holes Into Timber Posts

⇒ Lay the post support on the outside of the post, lining up the top of the blade with the top of the slot. There should be a gap between the post support base and the timber post base, to allow space for bolt heads, T Blade Cap and Termite Inspection.

⇒  Using the marked holes, drill the hole to suit your post support (See Table 2)

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Step 3: Bolt Down T-Blade Post Support

⇒ Place the post support in position and bolt down using screw bolts (See Table 3)

⇒ If using T-Blade with Leg, setting into concrete is also suitable.

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Step 4: Slide Cap Over T-Blade Post Support

⇒ If using, Slide the T-Blade Cap over the installed post anchor, covering the bolts.

Ensure you fit the bolt concealing cap PRIOR to bolting the post to the post support – T Blade Caps cannot be retro-fitted!




Step 5: Slide Timber Post Over T-Blade Post Support

Slide Timber Post Over T-Blade Post Support – the pre-drilled holes in the timber post will match up with the holes in the post support





VUETRADE T Blade Post Support Installation Guide Step 7

Step 6: Bolt Timber Post Onto The T-Blade Post Support

⇒ Using bolts to suit the post support size, bolt the timber post into position (See Table 2)

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