What's underneath your decking?

For any lasting structure to survive, you require a strong foundation. Our products are known for their quality and ease of use, and will be a welcome addition to your classic-build timber framed decking.

To secure to ground, our range of post supports suit a variety of timber shapes and sizes, as well as to suit different methods to secure to ground such as casting into or by bolting into the concrete.

To lock in your timber framing such a your joists or beams, our framing connectors can are produced out of sheet metal pre-galvanised, or Stainless Steel 316 and most are Australian Made.

Galvanised or Stainless Steel for Decking Connectors?

Proximity to the Coast or a Pool

Locations that are within a certain distance of the coast are subject to higher amounts of salinity than that of inland areas. Due to the increased salinity in the air, coastal areas have faster rates of corrosion.

The upkeep of household pools require chlorination or salt-treatment which also speed up the corrosion process on metal. To minimise the rate of corrosion, it is worthwhile looking into Stainless Steel when building such locations.

Visit our CoastalSS page, for specific information about the use of Stainless Steel in Australia.

Aesthetics matter

Get the finish you want, using the tools to get you there. The VUEBOLT allows for a head on both sides of its connection – which means that there is no bolt end sticking out on one side.