We’ve Colour Coded our VUEBRACE Builders Strap Brace to help you choose the right product for the job!

You will notice that, for some months now, VUETRADE Builders Strap Brace has a coloured square and kN rating on each label.  This is to further ensure the correct bracing product is used for the application.

We are passionate about ensuring the right products are specified and used to ensure the Australian Standards are met in any building project.  We have raised the issue previously around ensuring you’re using the right Brace Strapping for the application, as we have identified that most strapping is either used based on the size and sometimes simply on price.  These two factors unfortunately don’t ensure the product will meet the requirements of the Australian Standards for the application!

Some points to note with Brace Strapping below:

  • The Australian Standards specifies a particular kN that is required for different Heights & Widths to be braced, it does not specify a particular ‘size’ strapping such as 30mm x 0.8mm.
  • Size, 30mm x 0.8mm for example, does not equal a particular kN rating across different brands – there are factors such as the base metal material and hole spacing that will affect the kN of the product.
  • It is imperative that you know the kN rating of any strapping that you use, and that you know the kN required under the standard for the application.

We’ve made things easier for you with our VUEBRACE Strapping:

  1. All strapping is marked with the kN rating (note: as above, size does not correspond to kN rating, the kN rating on our strapping is relevant to our strapping only)
  2. We have developed a Calculator which you simply enter the height and width to be braced and the required kN rating required and the corresponding VUETRADE product to achieve the requirements of the standard.

You can download our VUEBRACE Strap Bracing Calculator below to ensure you’re compliant to AS1684.2 Part (b) & (d):

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    For more information you can read our previous Blog Posts (below) on this issue or feel free to contact us technical@bellevuegroup.com.au or 1300 850 520.