Do you know the correct and best way to insert wedges into your timber replacement handles for axes, hatchets, sledge hammers and hammers?

A common way to do this is to simply insert a metal wedge into the slot or kerf once the head has been placed onto the new handle: which then pushes apart the slot and thus holds the metal head onto the handle.

While it works ok to insert a single metal wedge, if you look at the images here comparing both methods, it is only exerting force one way; compared to the the timber/metal combination method which exerts force in both directions.

The Combination Wedge method is detailed in this interesting article on

How to Replace an Axe Handle

Installing Combination Timber/Metal Wedges:

After placing the head on your new replacement handle, insert the wooden wedge in the slot at the end of the handle and drive it in as far as it will go, using a mallet or hammer.

Trim off any timber handle or wedge protruding from the metal axe head.

Drive the metal wedge flush across, or at an angle to, the wooden wedge in the end of the handle.

Download PDF VUETRADE Replacement Handle Wedges Installation Guide

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