VUETRADE Connector Plate Nails Galvanised 30mm x 2.8mm

VUETRADE Connector Plate Nails are specially engineered and designed for VUETRADE Timber Connector Products to achieve the specified design capacity in their respective technical data sheet.

Using non-conforming nails on VUETRADE Timber Connectors may result in lower load ratings.

VUETRADE Connector Plate Nails are manufactured using cold drawn, low carbon steel that is hot-dipped galvanised with zinc to ensure sufficient corrosion protection as required by the standard Residential Timber Frame Construction AS1684 – 2006.

We’d also like to address a common misconception that 30mm x 2.8mm clouts can be used in place of connector plate nails.  This is not the case, a clout is a different type of nail and will not achieve the correct load ratings.

This document on states ‘Clout: General fixing of thin sheets – not recommended for structural connectors such as framing anchors’

A clout is manufactured by pressing a head onto the nail.  A Timber Connector Nail is manufactured from a single piece of metal giving greater strength to the head.  You can see the difference in the two types of nails below.

Connector Plate Nail

Figure on the right shows a collapse roof due to inadequate restraints provided by nail fixings. Corrosion of nails may have contributed as well. (Picture referenced from an article in QBCC)

You can access the Technical Data Sheet for VUETRADE Connector Plate Nails below.

Connector Plate Nails Technical Data Sheet PDF

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