VUETRADE have an updated range of Brick Ties to suit the classification requirements in the AS/NZS 2699.1 (2000) standards for masonry fixings. As per requirement from AS/NZS 2699.1:2000, all wall ties are required to be tested and classified in terms of durability classification of R0, R1, R2, R3, R4 and R5. These durability classifications relate to the type of coating material and its coating mass that is required in the manufacturing of wall ties as per AS/NZS2699.1:2000.  For more information see our Brick Ties Specification Guide webpage.

The below Table outlines the 6 brick veneer ties available from VUETRADE and their respective details.

You may also find our chart on our Timber Connector Specification Icons Chart helpful. This chart helps to visualise the locations where the different Brick Veneer Ties are required to be used under the relevant standards, we’ve included this chart below, as well as links to some other helpful material on our website

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Timber Connector Specification Icons and Area Usage Chart

To assist with proper product specification and to ensure the correct grade steel is used for the local area or environment; VUETRADE have unique and easy to understand icons for our Timber Connectors range.

We also have a coordinating chart which gives a visual guide as to which products should be used in proximity to different environmental factors.

The suitability of brick ties in different environmental conditions can be determined by reading off the specification area chart based on the type of environment and the distance where the brick ties will be used.  It is important to use the recommended brick tie classification to reduce the risk of brick tie corrosion that may affect the overall structure integrity.

What type of environment? 

  • Breaking Surf?
  • Sheltered Coastal?
  • Fresh Water?


  • Breaking Surf:
    • 0-1kms?
    • 1-10kms?
    • 10kms+?
  • Sheltered Coastal:
    • 0-100 metres?
    • 100m-1km?
    • 1km+?
  • Fresh Water – if subject to frequent wetting and drying

Further details and discussions on different building environments is are available on our Timber Connectors Specification Icons Page. Either view the details and guidelines there or download the PDF version here:

PDF VUETRADE Timber Connectors Specification Icons & Area Chart