VUETRADE Nail Gun SmallOver the years, there have been an increase in reports about non-compliant timber connections by building authorities from different states due to impractical use of nail guns.

Timber connections such as Multigrips, Universal Grips, and Triple Grips are relatively small products as compared to the timbers that they are connected to. Thus, the nails MUST be installed and driven through the pre-bored holes in the product. It is crucial to do so for the product to be compliant with Australian Standards and Building Codes of Australia. The use of nail guns has proven to be inaccurate, often driving nails through the sheet metal rather than pre-bored holes.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has raised some major concerns over the inappropriate usage of nail guns. The link is as provided below for more information regarding this issue.

Hence, a forum was later convened which concluded that nail guns are deemed unsuitable to be used in the aforementioned connectors. Follow the link below for more information about the outcome of the forum.
Although the use of nail gun may increase the efficiency of work done, VUETRADE highly recommends anyone to avoid using nail guns to install the following VUETRADE products;

  • Multigrips
  • Triple Grips
  • Cyclone Straps
  • Joist Hangers

For these VUETRADE products, only use VUETRADE approved hot dipped galvanised, connector plate nails. Failure to adhere to the recommended installation procedure of the products allows the certifier to have every right to consider the connection as defective.

Download Nail Gun Usage PDF