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VUETRADE Angle Bracket Heavy Duty are multi-purpose right-angled brackets ideal for right angle applications.

Also available in Stainless Steel.

• Suitable for connecting timbers at right angle in both internal or external conditions.
• Suitable for use with M10 bolts
• 3.0mm thick steel for extra strength
• Made from Mild Steel
• Galvanised finish for durability and long-life

Product Code(s)SizeMetal
Thickness (t)
Bolt/Fixing SizeBox Qty
VABHD0140L x 60W x 60H3.0mmM1050
VABHD0240L x 60W x 100H3.0mmM1050
VABHD0340L x 100W x 100H3.0mmM1050
VABHD0480L x 60W x 60H3.0mmM1050
VABHD0580L x 60W x 100H3.0mmM1025
VABHD0680L x 100W x 100H3.0mmM1025
VABHD07120L x 60W x 60H3.0mmM1025
VABHD08120L x 60W x 100H3.0mmM1025
VABHD09120L x 100W x 100H3.0mmM1020
VABHD10160L x 60W x 60H3.0mmM1025
VABHD11160L x 60W x 100H3.0mmM1020
VABHD12160L x 100L x 100W3.0mmM1020