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VUETRADE Stainless Steel Bearer Plates are a nail on plate suitable for timber connections, and repair and reinforcement of framing in coastal areas.

• Ideal for Heavy Duty applications
• 1.0mm thick steel
• 316 Stainless Steel – durable, corrosion resistant, and suitable for use in coastal or high corrosion environments

Warning: Use ONLY 30mm x 2.8mm VUETRADE stainless steel connector plate nails or equivalent into timber members and ensure to install them through pre-bored holes. Mandatory and recommended usage of stainless steel timber connectors varies in different states and areas – always check with your local building authorities.

Product Code(s)SizeCtn Qty
VTBP80120SS80mm x 120mm1
VTBP80180SS80mm x 180mm1
VTBP80240SS80mm x 240mm1
VTBP80300SS80mm x 300mm1

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