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VUEBRACE Light Duty Strapping is a galvanised tension bracing for use in light duty applications where there are no heavy loads or wind uplifts to bear.

• Suitable for light duty applications
• Suits VUESMART Brace Tensioner
• Two sizes available:
25mm wide x 0.6mm thickness
25mm wide x 0.8mm thickness
• Available in 6m, 15m and 30m Coils
• Galvanised finish for durability and long-life
• Australian Made – High quality, peace of mind, and supporting Aussie jobs

Product Code(s)SizeMetal ThicknessPlt Qty
VB256625mm x 6mt0.6mm360
VB2561525mm x 15mt0.6mm360
VB2563025mm x 30mt0.6mm200
VB2581525mm x 15mt0.8mm360
VB2583025mm x 30mt0.8mm200