The issue of allowing time in building schedules to procure the correct products for the application was brought to our attention by recent enquiries and an excellent article by Sydney Beach Homes recently on ‘Why you should never sign a building contract without seeing a project schedule’ (Well worth a read!)

There are many important points raised in the article, however what it raises from our point of view and area of building materials, is that a project schedule and proper planning of a project will also ensure time is allowed to source the correct products for the job.

In the area of Timber Connectors and Post Supports we often see it left to the last minute to source Stainless Steel for coastal and other applications where Stainless Steel is required or has been specified.  We know of many instances where Galvanised brackets have been used in situations where Stainless Steel had been specified and should have been used!

The issue here is that if this is a coastal application, galvanised brackets will corrode.  And corroded brackets = compromised structural integrity and strength.  We discuss the issues of not using the correct product for the local environment in more detail in this blog post 3 Questions To Ask Your Builders Before Construction Begins On Your Coastal Home

The important thing to note is that Stainless Steel Timber Connectors and Post Supports are available.  It may not be in stock at your local hardware or trade outlet but it is simply a matter of planning ahead, most brackets and a standard range of post supports are available for despatch from our Melbourne warehouse with lead times of approximately 2-5 working days.  For non-standard and 316 Stainless Steel Post Supports, we allow 2-3 weeks.  We also have stores stocking a range of Stainless Steel – so contact us and we can direct you to the closest stockist in your area.

If you’re needing Stainless Steel for a job, call us on 1300 850 520 or email

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