We recently quoted a job where Stainless Steel post supports were in the specification requirements from the developers but Galvanised post supports noted on the drawings/plans.  The company who contacted us did the right thing and quoted allowing for stainless steel. Their quote went in substantially higher than other companies who possibly have quoted going by the galvanised stirrups noted on the drawings, and hence have come in cheaper due to the fact there is extra cost involved using Stainless Steel.

We believe this was a large area of decking in a coastal location which would obviously require stainless steel timber connectors.   However due to the wrong products being noted on the drawings and the possibility of those tendering on the project missing the stainless steel requirement in the documentation; this job possibly went ahead; constructed with the incorrect product for the location.

We’d just like to remind builders, architects, construction companies, councils and anyone else relevant to these types of developments: Stainless Steel should be used in coastal locations AND it is readily available!

Salt spray and exposure does cause corrosion of galvanised metal brackets which is why Stainless Steel Timber Connectors are required in coastal areas.  Corrosion of metal brackets will severely affect the integrity and load bearing ability of the structure involved.

Check out our Coastal316SS Stainless Steel Range and don’t hesitate to get in touch for any requirements you may have!

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