WHITEHEADS Timber Sales in Ballarat has made our Store of The Month for May. 

VUETRADE May Store of the Month -An Australian-owned family company operating a sawmill with a few locations around Victoria. The VUETRADE Store of the Month will focus on the Ballarat story.

Whiteheads Timber Sales in Ballarat serves the Melbourne, Ballarat, and central Victorian region carrying a full range of the VUETRADE innovative timber connectors, to complement their large range of decking timber and specialty timber posts!

Neil is the sales representative in the area, he took some great pictures from the store as well as had a good chat with Wayne the Ballarat’s Store General Manager. We are pleased to share it with you the passion and effort that Wayne and the team devote to make the store stand out from the big brands! We were looking to find out what makes the tradies love to shop with them. 

Do what you say you will do!

Loyalty and Quality is our major focus within Whiteheads. We have a saying “do what you say you will do” across all aspects of the business, from the delivery driver to the admin staff. This is a big rule that the Whitehead team goes by.  Being an Independent in a well-serviced industry with major corporate competitors is tough, so we aim to do it a little better than the big boys and girls.

Our team is highly trained, we ensure we know the products we sell and offer sound advice to our customers to help them achieve the best project outcome.

Provide Tradies with the best suppliers!

With limited Hardware floor space, we only partner with the very best suppliers and the VUETRADE brand is no exception. Since our rebranding of our timber connectors range, we have seen a massive increase in sales, and more importantly, our customers have been overjoyed with the product quality.

VUETRADE May Store of the Month

We also have our own Timber mill based in Mt Gambier and access the best quality timbers at Direct from Mill prices.

“Find a tradie spot”

Tradies love Whitehead’s timber sales, we make it quick and easy to get in and out for both timber and hardware sales, We support and promote local trade businesses within our business as well as via our social media platforms.

We even provide a “find a tradie spot” on our new website being released shortly.

Why should you visit WTS?

What is important for WTS is the long-term loyal relationships with its customers. They pride themselves in ensuring customer satisfaction in every order, being flexible, and providing a consistent supply of high-quality products.

Whether you are Tradie or DIY’er the Ballarat store specializes in treated pine timbers and can help you to choose the right products for your project.

They carry a full range VUETRADE of timber connectors, products that bring a classy style to your project. From great Autumn pergolas, the ultimate Cypress deck to that dream home building or renovation we have a variety of post supports, building brackets, and framing connectors.

They have a friendly team always willing to help with a wealth of industry knowledge, combined with safe, efficient delivery service across the Central Highlands Region.

Why are they the VUETRADE Store of the Month?

WTS Ballarat are a Platinum Partner stockist of VUETRADE, supplying innovative building connectors and materials to their customers. They know the importance of providing the best products in the market for their tradies and DIY’ers, as well as supporting the industry with quality products.

VUETRADE May Store of the Month

How does VUETRADE support the building and construction industry?

We thrive in providing quality products that are compliant, fast, and easy to install, prioritizing quality over price because we know the benefits in the long run.  We listen to builders’ and tradies’ feedback and we work hard to create products that accomplish both requirements for tradies and Australian Standards.

We partner with stores that are confident in providing quality products over price because they know the benefits of it. Those stores are often open to collaboration with us because they know we can deliver quality, time-saving, innovative and now Australian Made products.

They always look at ways to make the construction and building industry a better, compliant, and supportive industry.

Takeaways from WTS Store of the Month?

WTS serves a large portion of the Victoria area with a wide range of VUETRADE quality and time-saving products. If you are around the area drop in and check out the VUETRADE range!