This chart outlines the different properties and appropriate usage environments for the VUETRADE™ range of Timber Connectors.

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Please note: Stainless Steel 316 should be used within 5kms of surf in coastal locations. Stainless Steel 304 overtime will develop ‘tea-staining’ a rust-like discolouration, which is superficial corrosion of the metal. However, in marine grade applications (within 5 km of the surf) this may result in more serious corrosion.

Mandatory and recommended usage of stainless steel timber connectors varies in different states and areas. Each area has a different classification depending on the type of salt water in the proximity (eg surf, exposed, calm). Therefore, it is advisable to always check with your local building authorities. Wind borne salt spray from surf sea areas can reach inland between 3-6kms. Stainless Steel brackets also ensures durability and prevents corrosion of metal brackets from other environmental factors in the harsh Australian climate.

VUETRADE COASTAL 316 SS stainless steel brackets should always be used with Stainless Steel fixings.

VUETRADE™ Coastal 316SS Stainless Steel Timber Connectors