Should you use 30 x 1.0 or will 30 x 0.8 do?  We hear this a lot, so we’ve developed a calculator which can tell you the right strap bracing for the job.  

VUETRADE have developed a Strap Bracing Calculator to ensure the correct sized bracing is used in timber framing to meet the ratings required in the Australian Standards AS1684.2 Table 8.18 (b) & (d).   Within the industry we have seen many instances of; for example; 30 x 0.8mm strapping being used in applications where 30 x 1.0mm or 30 x 1.2mm strapping is required to meet the load rating required in the Australian Standards.

The height of the wall and width the bracing is spaced apart directly affect the load rating the Australian Standard specifies.

So how do you know which bracing to use?  It’s critical that you know the load rating required in the standard and the load rating of the strapping you’re going to use.  We understand it’s tedious to cross reference the standard to the technical data of the strapping you’re going to use.  Not anymore… VUETRADE’s Strap Bracing Calculator does this for you.

You simply enter:

  • Wall Height
  • Spacing of Bracing

And the Calculator will tell you:

  • The load rating required to meet AS1684.2 Table 8.18 (b) & (d)
  • The corresponding VUEBRACE size that will achieve the load rating required

Please note that the size recommendation in this calculator is strictly for VUETRADE strap bracing only.  If you are using an alternative product you will need to find out from the manufacturer what the load ratings of their product actually is.

To Download the Calculator – go to our VUETRADE Specification Guides Page and enter your name and email address to download the calculator.  VUETRADE are collecting the email addresses of those who download the calculator so they can update you if there is a revised version of this calculator and you can choose to opt out of any other emails.

DISCLAIMER: Data provided by VUETRADE should be used as a GUIDE FOR VUETRADE PRODUCTS ONLY.  It is the sole responsibility of the user/builder to determine the suitability of a particular product and/or product specifications for the application. Under NO circumstances that this document is used for strappings from other brands.

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