VUETRADE Tradies Boltdown Concealed Cap Placement

VUETRADE’s Basic Washer Fixed Bolt Down: Economical, Made in Australia, and can be Concealed to boot!

VUETRADE have taken the basic washer fixed bolt down style, and in line with our vision of  innovative, timesaving, quality products, have developed a unique design. We’ve incorporated the ease of installation, that makes the washer fixed bolt down post anchor design popular with tradies, in this new functional design that allows for a concealed or open finish.

The same economical price point, now including a versatile assembly design – you are able to insert the caps so the fixings are concealed, or rotate 90 degrees so they are shown and accessible. By installing the cap open, the fixing bolts are exposed, allowing for tightening or adjusting if desired and a concealed finish is not required. For a neater finish, with no adjustments required after the post support is installed, the cap can be inserted so that the fixing bolts are concealed.

Our Tradies Bolt Down is manufactured here in Australia, and best of all has an economical price point. We are proud to be able to offer this basic ‘U Saddle’ style post support, popular with tradies, as an Australian made, reliable product at a decent price point!

This is a new product, and we expect stock to be available late February 2019.

Product Details

VUETRADE Made In Australia
  • 90mm Saddle/Stirrup size
  • 1.60mm Steel Saddle (with knock out washer)
  • 1.90mm Steel Cap (with knock out washer)
  • Bolt Holes
    • 2 x M12 Bolt Holes (Saddle & Base)
  • Galvanised Sheet Steel, G300 Z275
  • Improved Cap Design – Concealed or Open Assembly Options
  • Economical Price Point
  • Australian Made

Installation methods

There are two anchoring methods for this product:

  1. Install using 2 bolts, located in opposing corners in the base. This provides the strongest anchoring type, and is what we recommend.
  2. Using the 2 knock out washers with one bolt. This provides the ability to move the post and post support after installation, in situations where the installer does not, or cannot, get the bolt location exactly correct prior to installation.