VUETRADE Platinum Partner - Express Timber
Meg & Bec

Express Timber Solutions is showcasing VUETRADE April Store of the month. 

What an exciting time for Express Timber Solutions in Long Jetty. Our April Store of the Month! We are also excited to share with all VUETRADE readers, their captivating story!

This month we were looking for a Store that offered something different, particularly a store that is passionate and committed to delivering builders & tradesman simply the best in the timber connectors category. In this month’s blog we will introduce you to a store that proud themselves of offering the best products in the market to clients, the team and their values, for a full experience in getting to know them,  you will definitely need to go to the store! 

Every time our NSW Business Developer visits the store, he is always very welcomed with a big smile from Bec, Dave and the team, they always acknowledge builders, tradesman and suppliers, which for us, shows exceptional customer service from the start. 

The experience you have when you go to Express Timber Solutions is a friendly welcome from the team as well as a store with quality products, it is a combination of years of experience in providing what the region needs and a  trusted service all the way. Our NSW Business Developer Jason, had a chat with the team while ensuring the VUETRADE range in store is well stocked and below is an admired story you get a chance to read from the passionate and committed from these guys: 

The History of Express Timber Solutions

Express Timber Solutions is a small family-owned/operated timber and hardware store located in Long Jetty on the sunny Central Coast NSW. ETS has been operating for over 15 years. 

Scott, the owner of Express Timber Solutions was a local builder in our area for over 30 years prior to opening the store. With his deep understanding of the building industry, he has been able to create a store that understands from experience what our builders and tradesman need. He has also been able to pass on a lot of his knowledge to his staff and this provides them with the tools they need to assist customers with their projects.

Part of ETS core values is supporting the local community by sponsoring local board riders, local sports clubs and donating to local charities each year.

What we notice over the years trading with ETS is that their values are very much aligned with VUETRADE’s, offering innovative products to the building industry, ensure a great customer experience in-store, and knowledge of quality products. 

The Store 

ETS VUETRADE sTORE OF THE MONTH The store is designed to primarily service builders & tradesman, however, they also deal with retailers as well. Stocking general building materials, they offer delivery services and pride themselves on friendly service, knowledgeable staff and quality products.

Their customers are part of the ETS family, with a belief that a warm and friendly staff is what makes their store stand out. They also have a large display area that promotes products they sell and find that customers love being able to send their clients in to view/choose products for their jobs. 

Going to the store you will find the VUETRADE range well displayed just at the back of the store in the tradies section, located strategically before tradies and builders go to the timber yard. That helps them to remember to get all they need before they live the store. As well as a large timber yeard to provide a vast solution in timber materials and hardware for the whole Central Coast building and construction needs. 

Commitment to Innovation 

We ask the team how our products make a difference at ETS and what they like the most about us?

We love seeing new and innovative designs from our suppliers and seeing how these products benefit our builders and tradesman. VUETRADE has been a standout in creating products that are innovative, simple to use and make things that little bit easier. For example, we have had the majority of our builders’ comment on the joist hanger’s and connector range they offer since stocking their range. This has raised the standards and expectations of products and VUETRADE is now a trusted brand amongst our builders.

We have found the T blades to be extremely popular and add increased stability to the concealed post support range providing our builders with confidence. They love that these have extras that can be purchased to tailor different options and finishes. It is imperative that our builders have access to stainless steel options, being situated on the coastline, – we love that VUETRADE can accommodate this.

We also asked what matters when it comes to business provide the best to your clients?

VUETRADE Platinum Partner - Express Timber ETS Values relationships and we believe that these connections are also a major contributing factor to the success of a business. Our customer relationships are just as important as our supplier relationships and we are privileged to support and be supported by VUETRADE. We believe they hold similar values to that of ours and they have shown this in numerous ways throughout our dealings. The staff are always polite and friendly, their products are innovative & easy to use making them a truly exceptional company in all aspects.

Clearly, a close industry connection with clients and suppliers is what holds ETS accountable for their success, and with this approach, we can be sure of the VUETRADE range is well represented. If you are a smart builder, tradie or architect interested to find out more about ETS and how they can help you to upgrade your project from good to best, with the latest in products innovation, make sure you visit these guys first.

We now know why ETS is an embodiment of choice for tradies and builders, and VUETRADE April store of the month! we can be assured that all the innovation put into our range for the building industry is well represented by ETS.