316 Fastening Shop is the VUETRADE’s Platinum Distributor for July. 

What a great way to start the new financial year for 316 Fastening Shop, they are the VUETRADE’s Platinum Distributor for the month of July.

A respected and well established Australian Distributor of Stainless Steel materials and a place where builders can count on when they are looking for a full VUETRADE range and coastal 304 and 316 stainless steel products.

When you go to 316 Fastening Shop, you can expect a friendly team with years of experience offering professional advice and supplying stainless steel building and marine products in the Northern Beaches area. 


It is all about Stainless Steel

One-stop-shop with all stainless steel products

316 Fastening Shop specialises in a huge range of stainless steel building and marine supplies. From glass and wire balustrading to nuts, bolts, screws, to hardware and the VUETRADE stainless steel range. 

Listening to their clients increases product varietyPlatinum Distributor 3216 Fastening Shop

There are a few hardware stores around the Northern Beaches but not many that specialise in stainless steel. While they have a humbled range of glass fastenings and building supplies, they stock mainly stainless steel which is essential in the area for building.

They first started with a small range of the VUETRADE range to see how it went and it has quickly grown into one of their main product lines, so there must be a big demand in the area.

That is one way to show they are listening to client feedback by adding more products handy in-store. 

Location or Product range?

For them, it is the part location and part products. 316 Fastening Shop is based in an area where stainless steel is essential for building purposes and there is a huge marine market. Being the only stores on this end of the Northern Beaches that stock such a huge range of stainless steel they are proudly becoming a go-to place for all stainless steel needs, whether it be for the building or marine industry.

COVID19 has been tough for everyone to stay open but 316 Fastening Shop has been very fortunate to have amazing customers who have continued to be there. They have taken the opportunity to grow our product line and introduced a new range of tools is their way to ensure they everything you need in one place. 

316 Fastening Shop words

316 Fastening Shop

The Vuetrade products have given us more opportunities to help our customers and support them with their projects. We are now more than just a fastening shop, we can now supply the fastenings for the deck, the balustrading and now the post supports and the other structural elements.

Our customers like the quality of the product and the range that is available. Also, the addition of the VUEBOLTS to the range has given the post supports that extra element of elegance.

If you are building, renovating and looking for a place where you can find a full stock of stainless steel products, you know where to go. 316 Fastening Shop is your specialised shop for marine and building materials. Make sure you contact the team before anything. 

Our commitment to Platinum Distributors is to keep their stores fulfilled with our quality and innovative products so they can provide the best to their clients, make sure you look for a Platinum Distritor like 316 Fastening Shop for your projects.