Attendees of recent conferences may have noticed our special VUETRADE stand, a 3 x 3 metre pergola built to showcase our products and the way they add value to any timber structure. This is the VUETRADE stand’s origin story!

Before this stand came into being, VUETRADE had a versatile but distinctly less attractive ‘house’ made up of treated timber and our brackets in their main connection uses.This ‘house’ was great for showing builders and tradies the applications for our secure and strong Timber Connectors, but it didn’t fully capture our products’ potential for the architectural finish. So VUETRADE’s conferences team began brainstorming a new stand – this time to focus on the increasingly popular feature timber post! The feature timber post is a long-standing trend for newly built or custom renovated houses, which has taken off in recent years because owners are beginning to recognize timber’s many great qualities. For example, did you know that timber is actually stronger than steel, as well as more resilient? To find out more about timber’s benefits, see Timber in Australian Home Construction. Imagine you’re doing a new-build job or reno, and (as they should) the owners love timber! You’re searching for some way to accommodate the Australian Standards and still give the client the timber highlight they want. This is the perfect situation for a feature timber post.

If you have these tall beauties installed in prominent places, you can be assured that the owners will ooh and ahh. And for an extra-neat finish to keep the look of your special install pristine, try the VUETRADE T Blade and Cap system. One of our happy End Users recently sent in this image – this could be your build in the near future! Here at VUETRADE, we live and breathe timber, and we want to make your job easier – so a special range of post supports, caps and fasteners for feature timber posts was right up our alley! If you’re a builder dedicated to giving your customers the best install possible, this range is for you.

We have a 90-100mm post option, for a balance between minimal exposure and anchoring strength – the Concealed Bolt Down’s 3.0mm blade fits in just one single saw cut up the middle of a post, and comes in a kit including a concealing cap to cover the base bolts!

For larger and more heavy-duty applications, our popular T Blade Bolt Down Post Support might suit your purposes. Its 10.0mm thick blade is designed to fit up a slot cut in the timber post, providing a strong but concealed connection. Concealing caps are also available to suit all of our T Blades.

You can see all this range on our VUETRADE conference stand! Special-made by Meyer Timber for our use, this stand is made entirely of structurally supportive and aesthetic Merbau timber posts, ranging from the four 140x140mm decorative corner posts to the wide display bench of 290x42mm timber.Our sales manager Jamie liaised with Meyer Timber’s Kent Powell to custom-make this pergola-type display stand. They designed it to suit a 3x3m expo space and show off our T Blade and cap system’s architectural finish.

Meyer Timber’s impressive production facility pre-cut the slots to fit the post supports, and pre-drilled holes in the joists bracing the decorative posts. Kent helped us create the design for the current dismantlable version, and his company produced the beautiful stand we use today!

The next time you’re at a conference and see our Merbau stand, snap a selfie with it, tag VUETRADE in a Facebook post, follow our Facebook page, and we’ll send you a VUETRADE Singlet to wear on the job in the hot months!

(For those of you who are interested in buying feature timber posts, VUETRADE and Meyer Timber are collaborating on a specialty pre-slotted timber post range specifically for our T Blade system! See it below and here.)