Stainless Steel Bearer Plates Now AvailableDo you need a heavy duty Connector Plate to use on the coast? If your answer is yes, this VUETRADE product is for you. The VUETRADE CoastalSS Stainless Steel Bearer Plate is now available!

Nail On Bearer Plates are suitable for joining timber, framework repair and reinforcement. VUETRADE Bearer Plates are used for heavy-duty timber connections, commonly used to join trusses together or to beams or poles. Bearer Plates are also used where a tap in plate will not offer adequate strength.

As well as providing a high-strength option, the Stainless Steel Bearer Plate helps you to make sure you have a corrosion-free building! A genuine SS316 product with superior corrosion resistance, the Stainless Steel Bearer Plate allows you to install solid timber connections in Marine and Severe Marine environments without having to worry about the connector rusting and compromising the safety of your structure.

For more details on why Stainless Steel usage is important, click here.

Stainless Steel Bearer Plates are available in four sizes, with a consistent 80mm width and lengths ranging from 120mm to 300mm.

  • Heavy-duty applications
  • 316SS for Marine areas
  • Four sizes – 80mm x 120mm, 80mm x 180mm, 80mm x 240mm, 80mm x 300mm

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