VUETRADE's Jason and staff member Brett with the Emerald Mitre 10 range of VUETRADE Timber Connectors
VUETRADE’s Jason Shedden and Emerald Mitre 10 staff member Brett with the Emerald Mitre 10 range of VUETRADE Timber Connectors

Platinum Distributor Store of the Month for August 2019 goes to Emerald Mitre 10 in Emerald, Victoria!

Emerald Mitre 10 is well known in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne as a well stocked store with great service and friendly staff who offer helpful advice for customers’ projects. Emerald Mitre 10 stock the full VUETRADE range of timber connectors, and are continually looking for ways to improve their customer’s product choices and in-store experience. Some reviews can be found here – especially interesting is the review that describes one of the employees as a ‘resident hardware guru and oracle‘! Well done, Emerald Mitre 10.

VUETRADE rep Jason Shedden met the in-store team recently:

What is it about your Store that makes it a place that Tradies love to buy from?

We aim to grow strong relationships with our local tradespeople which in term brings loyalty and continued support. Our product offering in trade has diversified in recent years into areas that customers were traditionally buying ‘off the hill’ and this improved product offering has gone a long way into our trade sales maintaining excellent growth. Our main aim for our trade department is to create a store that tradies want to buy from, instead of only purchasing from us out of necessity. This has seen our trade customer base sending larger quotes for products like trusses and windows our way as they would prefer to keep the business local.

Do you believe it’s all about location when it comes to business or is it unique products & customer service?

Emerald is lucky in that it’s a close knit community that loves to shop locally so our location is definitely a benefit to our business. With no direct competition, our strategy is to have a product range that is in depth enough to keep customers from heading out of town, so product ranging is crucial. Overall, service is still the key to maintaining and increasing trade sales and fostering strong relationships with the trade customer base.

We look forward to supporting you!!! When is your next Trade Event going to be held & where?

With the completion of our trade yard redesign within the coming weeks, and the purchasing of new delivery vehicles, we are looking forward to hosting trade events in the leadup to Spring 2019!