Gubbins Pulbrook Group’s staff members Steven (L) and Larry (R) with their range of VUETRADE Timber Connectors.

Gubbins Pulbrook Group are VUETRADE’s Platinum Distributor Store of the Month for February 2019!

Gubbins Pulbrook Group stock the range of VUETRADE Timber Connectors and are renowned for their extensive range of materials in the Southern Highlands area.  Any tradie in the area of Bowral should visit Gubbins Pulbrook Group for ‘everything they need for their next project’.

This is what their Store Manager and Trade Manager have to say:

What is it about your Store that makes it a place that Tradies love to buy from? We’re a one stop shop, from the ground up, with excellent customer service.

Do you believe it’s all about location when it comes to business or is it unique products & customer service? Location plays a very small part, as long as your location is accessible to your customers there should not be a problem whereas customer service is the most important. If you look after [the customers] they will return!

We look forward to supporting you!!! When is your next Trade Event going to be held & where?  Invitations have been sent out for our major trade show happening in late March within the Southern Highlands.