New store NST Eastgardens just scooped up the first ever VUETRADE Store of the Year, taking out the 2019 award!

NST Eastgardens is part of a group of Sydney timber outlets, trading under the name of NS Timber and Hardware. Now ranking with the primary building materials stores in Sydney, NST has achieved a lot in the 48 years since their launch. Their growth is remarked upon in Sydney as an example of great store management and inspiring leadership, focused by a vision of high-quality timber and great service for their primary market of trade customers.

Founded by Lyall Cantle in July 1971, NST has expanded exponentially from the modest retail outlet at 299 Penshurst St, Willoughby, where it first served tradies on the lower North Shore as The Timber Shop. NST now provides timber and building materials across a large swathe of NSW, with 6 locations strategically placed in areas from Miranda to the Central Coast.

NST has a long history of ground-breaking warehousing and outstanding service, backed by well-planned store positioning. From the original Willoughby premises, The Timber Shop expanded into Thornleigh with the purchase of Thornleigh Timber and Hardware in 1975. The Willoughby and Thornleigh stores were strengthened in 1978 by the construction of a Ryde storage and milling yard. The history continues with the 1982 name-change to North Shore Timber & Hardware, and the 1986 new warehouse build at 17 Sefton Rd, Thornleigh. This warehouse was one of a kind in the 1980’s, as the ‘timber warehouse of its type in Sydney’ (pictured to the right):

All products were stored under cover with vertical racking and electric forklifts used to store and pick timber. This allowed for maximum usage of floor space and quick access to a larger range of products. Having its timber stored away from the elements gave the company an advantage of its competitors as products were kept in better condition and the new racking system allowed orders to be produced more efficiently and hence more quickly than other timber yards.

In fact, this warehouse was so efficient that it scored a TAMBA (Timber & Building Materials Association) Store of the Year nomination on completion and again in 2000 – a solid and lasting illustration of the industry’s high regard for NST. To carry on with NST’s illustrious history, 1991 brought the sale of Willoughby and a new warehouse in Chatswood for easier access and increased range. NST’s third premises opened in July 1997 at 21 Danks St, Waterloo, giving direct and early access to sites in the City, eastern suburbs and inner west. Also in 1997 came the retirement of the owner, Lyall Cantle, and the subsequent purchase of NST by the long-standing general manager Keith Wilkinson.A new purpose-built store in Warriewood opened its doors in January 2004, and many improvements to the three existing stores were made, increasing efficiencies and storage space. The Central Coast warehouse at 6 Gibbens Rd, West Gosford started in March 2010, followed by Miranda in July 2012.

NST’s latest development is a foray into the Eastgardens area, with a large-format store that provides Eastgardens tradies with a full range of building materials and trade hardware. In their own words, ‘This new purpose built facility has allowed NS Timber to significantly increase [their] product range and [they] now have ample parking and improved access to [their] store.’

The Eastgardens store is a good move for NST, as shown by the numbers of tradies and builders flowing through the well-planned warehouse. NST’s customers think that the best thing about the Eastgardens facility is the purpose-built, planned shelves and great product knowledge, along with their full timber and hardware range – they have many cuts and species of timber available, along with a full range of VUETRADE timber connectors to suit. Above all, NST Eastgardens endeavours to provide all tradies that come in their doors with ‘superior customer service’ as with all their stores.