Congratulations Templestowe Timber and Hardware for being the VUETRADE February Store of the Month, a proud investor of quality and innovative materials for the building industry. 

VUETRADE Platinum Partner program -Templestowe Timber and Hardware Templestowe Timber and Hardware is an independently owned and operated business, part of the HBT Group, providing competitive deals in products for the building and construction industry.

Proud VUETRADE Platinum Partner member, they aim to provide clients with an extensive range of quality and innovative products at a competitive price for over 50 years. From experience, they know that when operating in the timber and hardware industry, finding a supplier that provides compliant, Australian Made, innovative materials is important to keep the trust of customers. 

The VUETRADE Timber connector range gives that peace of mind to hardware store owners, willing to invest in quality products, differentiated customer service and a  great in-store merchandise display, taking the store to a different level of service. 

Templestowe Timber and Hardware stands out this month as the VUETRADE Platinum Partner Store of the Month for February, for that willingness to invest in compliant, quality and innovative products to the Templestowe Melbourne northeast suburb. 

The team kindly spoke to David, The VIC & SA Business Development representative, and they have given some good reasons why investing in quality and innovative products pays off. 

Pay off 1-  A place that customers choose and love to buy from

Having been in business for 51 years we know what the tradies want, we offer exceptional service and advice creating a loyal, longstanding customer base that we have been able to keep up supply to throughout all the current shortages allowing our customers to have no downtime.

It is important for us to support our longstanding customers and support them through the supply issues the industry is facing.

Pay off 2- Being different and innovative from others

Being a family business, you’re dealing with the same faces day in and day out. When you call you can speak directly to the owners who can deal with your enquiry directly, we offer personalised service and unbeatable delivery turnaround times.  

Pay off 3- Provide an extra mile service when needed 

Being located close to the eastern freeway our delivery service encompasses all of metro Melbourne. We have also gone as far as the Victorian high country to the Mornington Peninsula/Surf Coast to deliver to our valued customers.

Payoff 4-  Innovation, Innovation Innovation 

New range and display and all VUETRADE products can be found on our website, along with the trust of an Australian company. 

VUETRADE aims to support all our valued stores with the latest in innovation and quality, for us, the results showed each month on our Store of the month, is just proof that clients are willing to make the switch to us and invest in compliant, and quality products because the results are reliable products in-store and their client’s satisfaction. 

Make the Switch now to VUETRADE Quality and Innovative Timber Connectors.