VUETRADE Pool Decking

Are you planning timber decking or posts around your pool area? Is your pool a salt water pool rather than chlorine?  Have you ever thought what is underneath that decking?  All the metal building brackets that hold your decking together are also going to be susceptible to corrosion from the water that will ultimately be splashed out of your pool!

We suggest that Stainless Steel Timber Connectors should be used on any timber decking around Saltwater Pools and even where there is high exposure to damp and moisture. This article on deck weather proofing recommends ‘Using weatherproofed fittings is a must – use a minimum of hot-dip galvanised steel to prevent corrosion and stainless steel if you anticipate regular water contact such as near a pool or spa.’

Whilst the initial cost of using Stainless Steel will be higher than standard galvanised timber connectors, the good news is that usually the maintenance for a saltwater pool is less per year than for chlorine!  This article on Australian Outdoor Living is a good read for saltwater vs chlorine pools.

Always check with your local building authorities for local requirements and mandatory usage of Stainless Steel.