Introducing the VUEBOLT, VUETRADE’s newest innovation! We’re seriously excited about this one – it’s a bolt like you’ve never seen before.

Designed just for those builders and tradies who want their decorative timber posts looking smart, our VUEBOLT gives the building industry just what it asked for – a concealed thread, T50 bolt head, post support bolt! If you will, picture yourself in a situation where you’re trying to install a decorative timber post – say, a Cypress – and your client is happy with the look and feel and the touch of sophistication it gives to their build. All is great, you’ve even got a VUETRADE T Blade and Cap system to finish off this post – but the only thing the client sees when they view the install… is the ugly side bolts! Sticking out from your post, with washers and nuts and various other paraphernalia scarring the flawless surface, these bolts cast a damper on what you wanted to be a stunning install. At this point, I’d like to interrupt and mention a solution to your problem: the VUEBOLT!


We’ve been working on this unique bolt for years, ever since our sales team picked up on a common thread running through the conversations they regularly have with builders, tradies and our end users – they weren’t happy with the look of their feature posts. They asked, “how can we get more of a concealed finish for our timber posts?”[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]They took the question back to our Research & Development team. Over the months that followed, the VUETRADE R&D team developed a number of ideas, worked through many issues, and finally, carefully, chose the current design as the most viable option. We had to make sure our new bolt worked efficiently, to solve your aesthetics problem, not create more issues with a difficult installation!

This design of the VUEBOLT is definitely the best idea we’ve had. Just think about the unique male and female threaded bolt system – it gives an aesthetic and architectural finish on both sides of your timber post. This concealed thread bolt means that only the neatly sloping bolt heads will show on either side – no exposed nuts, washers or thread!


Made by builders for builders, the VUEBOLT was not only invented to solve your aesthetic problems, but also to make your life easier! Available in 3 sizes which fit posts from 90mm to 230mm, our VUEBOLT is quick and easy to install. Simply drill the fixing holes required, matching with the bolt holes in your VUETRADE post support, insert the male and female bolts from either side, loosely thread the bolts together to give them a grip on each other, and tighten with a VUETRADE T50 star drive wrench.


You can be sure that your VUEBOLT install is compliant and durable, as well as easy to install – in fact, we went over and above on that one.

We realised that a technical part of the design made our bolt even more unique. At any given time in the threading of the VUEBOLT, there are equal amounts of male and female thread in the distance between the two bolt heads, giving a stronger connection at the cross point of the threads. The upshot is, the centre point is strengthened to the same level as the solid steel load-bearing points just within the bolt heads! These bolts, therefore, complying with the requirements of Australian Standards AS1684.2 and AS1720 when used with VUETRADE post supports.

As well as meeting strength requirements, VUEBOLTs are durable and corrosion-resistant, available in both a Zinc-Nickel  coating and 316 Stainless Steel. You can safely use the Stainless Steel VUEBOLT range anywhere on the coast, with peace of mind about corrosion!

Find Out More

If you want to know more about our VUEBOLT, call us on 1300 850 520 – you can talk to our customer service or Sales team! You can also enquire at one of these stores to see if they stock or can order in VUEBOLTs for you.

We hope when you can get your hands on a VUEBOLT, it’ll be all we dreamed of to make your job easier. Let us know here, tag us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Houzz, or call us and tell us personally. We look forward to hearing from you!