Joist Hangers - VUETRADE

Why VUETRADE Joist Hangers?

There is a lot of Joist Hangers in the market, that makes you think that they are all the same, and slightly different in pricing, right?

Wrong! We can tell why you should use VUETRADE Joist Hangers.

VUETRADE has been manufacturing, complying and testing Timber Connectors for years, as well as listening to builders and construction industry needs by applying innovation and quality to its products.

Here are some of the WHY’s

Our R&D team, along with builders’ feedback, came up with a solution for along-lasting builders hassle when positioning hangers with one hand and hammer in another one.

A fully tested and compliant hanger bracket that meets and exceeds the relevant Australian Standards (AS1720 & AS1684) wJoist Hangers - VUETRADEith a unique nail spike feature removing the need to hold a nail and the hanger in position while you hammer!

Framing Brackets are fast fixing, multi-purpose hangers for connecting joists to beams, floor trusses, and roof trusses to girders.

VUETRADE Joist hanger are a success to tradies and builders as the innovation in the product makes their daily work a lot easier.

A benefit to our stockist, they come in Stainless Steel and Galvanised, a wide variety in sizes suitable for projects that require bigger sizes.

If you are not yet convinced on why VUETRADE Joist Hangers should be your first choice, they are an Australian Made product, that should be a deal-breaker when choosing your Timber Connectors offering!

If you are a trade or builder, contact one of our Platinum Partner Australia wide, and if you are a store not yet stocking the VUETRADE range, CONTACT US NOW.