Ant Caps


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VUETRADE Ant Caps are galvanised steel caps ideal for
inserting between timber bases and floors in areas with
termite activity.

• Suited for termite-prone areas
• Shows termite mud tunnels in inspections
• Galvanised finish for durability and long-life

Warning: These Ant Caps will not prevent the passage of ants/
termites. Contact your local inspectors or council authorities for
inspection requirements and recommendations.

Product Code(s)SizeDetailBox Qty
VAC10025100mm x 100mm - 25mm FlangeWith Hole50
VAC10050100mm x 100mm - 50mm FlangeWith Hole50
VAC12525125mm x 125mm - 25mm FlangeWith Hole50
VAC12550125mm x 125mm - 50mm FlangeWith Hole50