Timber Connector Icons

Our icons help identify quickly and clearly the steel grades, area of use, installation methods for post supports, the specification rating for masonry products, along with bushfire ratings.

On our CoastalSS page there is a coordinating chart which gives a visual guide as to which steel grades should be used in proximity to different environmental factors.

Material Icons:

Different steel grades are available on our products. To assist in the recognition of different steel grades, our icons show what products are pre-galvanised or Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG), along with Stainless Steel in 304 & 316 grades.

See our CoastalSS page for specific information about when the use different steel grades. For further information about the range of products in each material, press the links below.


Area Icons:

Our Cyclonic range of products were specially developed for high wind areas, as often seen in QLD. Whilst our Pool icon is used regularly to highlight the importance of correct material use not only near the coast but around other corrosive environments (such as pools).


Post Support Icons:

Whilst many post supports can be anchored to the ground by either casting in or bolting onto concrete, there are some which can only be used using one of these methods. To be clear about the method of securing to concrete, these icons were developed.

Masonry Icons:

To assist with adherence to AS/NZS 2699.1 (2000) Built-in components for masonry construction Part 1: Wall ties, we use the following icons to assist in knowing which Durability Classification the masonry product is rated for.




Bushfire Rating:

AS 3959:2018 – Construction of Building in Bush fire-prone Areas, requires mesh to be made with a certain aperture and corrosion resistance. Our compliant stainless steel mesh is designated with the below icon.