Masonry Ties


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VUETRADE Brick Veneer Ties R3 are stainless steel masonry wall ties ideal for coastal areas, providing stability to brickwork by joining it to timber wall frames.

• Durability class R3 – 304 Stainless Steel
• Light Duty classification when used with the accompanying nails
• Medium Duty classification when used with the accompanying screws
• 0.9mm thick steel
• Fully tested and compliant with Australian Standards AS2699 and AS3700
• Made in Australia

• Also available in R2 (Galvanised) and R4 (Stainless Steel 316)

Warning: R3 Brick Ties are to be used 1km – 10km from surf coast, or 100mt – 1km from sheltered coast. Refer to AS 2699.1-2020. Mandatory and recommended usage of stainless steel timber connectors varies in different states and areas – always check with your local building authorities.

Product Code(s)Metal ThicknessRatingDetailBox Qty
VBTLDR30.9mmR3Light Duty with Nails; SS304150
VBTMDR30.9mmR3Medium Duty with Screws; SS304150

Brick Tie Durability Classification