Zinc-Nickel Coated

Where to use a VUEBOLT?

This concealed thread bolt is ideal for post supports and timber to timber due to the fact that it is quick, neat and retains a clean and concealed finish after installation.

Post Supports

Ideally suited for timber post anchors, this bolt is simple to install and leaves a clean finish. Click for link with specific information about the VUETRADE T-Blade.

Timber to timber

For any location on timber where a clean finish on both sides of the timber is of benefit.

Sizes Available

There are 6 sizes of VUEBOLT, to suit any length of timber between 90 to 350mm.

Zinc Nickel Coated or Stainless Steel

Offering a brushed, clean finish on head of both sides.

To suit your environment the bolts are available in two metal materials, Zinc-Nickel coated for most locations, and Stainless Steel 316 for when you are in a higher corrosion area.

Clean Finish

Due to the thread securing the bolt being completely within the timber, no thread is left on either end – leaving an unrivalled clean finish for both ends of the timer.

This means no sharp edges, and a complete installation once the bolt is secured.

For more information

See the detailed VUEBOLT Product page, which includes full information about sizes and product codes, technical details and design capacities.