Framing Connectors


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VUETRADE I-Beam Hangers are multi-purpose hanger brackets for securely connecting I-Beams and large joists to framing structures.

• Easy to install
• Strong, secure support
• Suitable for use with a wide range of I-Beams, and rough sawn timber sizes
• Meets and exceeds Australian Standard AS1720
• Australian Made – High quality, peace of mind, and supporting Aussie jobs

Warning: Use ONLY 33mm x 3.15mm VUETRADE hot-dipped galvanised connector plate nails into timber members. Ensure the pre-bored holes are used for installation.

Product Code(s)SizeBox QtyRequired Screw
(12G x 35mm)
Required Nail
(33mm x 3.15mm)
VIBHF4024040mm x 240mm20616
VIBHF4030040mm x 300mm20818
VIBHF4520045mm x 200mm20612
VIBHF4524045mm x 240mm20616
VIBHF4530045mm x 300mm20818
VIBHF5124051mm x 240mm20616
VIBHF5130051mm x 300mm20818
VIBHF6320063mm x 200mm20612
VIBHF6324063mm x 240mm20616
VIBHF6330063mm x 300mm20818
VIBHF7024070mm x 240mm20616
VIBHF7030070mm x 300mm20818
VIBHF9020090mm x 200mm20612
VIBHF9024090mm x 240mm20616
VIBHF9030090mm x 300mm20818
VIBHF9036090mm x 360mm201020
VIBHF9040090mm x 400mm201020