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VUETRADE Washers are general purpose structural washers used to evenly distribute the loads of bolts or other fasteners.

• Available from M10 to M20
• Two profiles – round & square
• Comply with AS1237
• Supplied in boxes of 500
• Galvanised finish for durability and long-life

Product Code(s)SizeMetal ThicknessCtn Qty
VGW0010M10 - 25mm OD2.0mm500
VGW0012M12 - 32mm OD2.5mm250
VGW0016M16 - 38mm OD3.0mm200
VGW0020M20 - 45mm OD3.2mm150
VSQW3810M10 - 38mm x 38mm3.0mm200
VSQW5010M10 - 50mm x 50mm5.0mm200
VSQW5012M12 - 50mm x 50mm5.0mm200
VSQW5016M16 - 50mm x 50mm5.0mm200
VSQW5020M20 - 50mm x 50mm5.0mm200