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VUETRADE Threaded Rod is a timber connector ideal for tying down roof trusses in cyclone-prone regions.

• Ideal for cyclonic and high wind areas
• Available in diameters ranging from M10 to M20
• Complies with Australian Standards AS1275/DIN975 and AS1684.2
• Grade 4.8 – mild steel
• Galvanised finish for durability and long-life

Product Code(s)SizeBox Qty
TRGALM10100M10 x 100010
TRGALM10270M10 x 270010
TRGALM10300M10 x 300010
TRGALM12100M12 x 100010
TRGALM12244M12 x 244010
TRGALM12270M12 x 270010
TRGALM12300M12 x 300010
TRGALM12360M12 x 36005
TRGALM16100M16 x 100010
TRGALM16244M16 x 244010
TRGALM16270M16 x 270010
TRGALM16300M16 x 30005
TRGALM16360M16 x 36005
TRGALM20100M20 x 10005
TRGALM20300M20 x 30002