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VUETRADE Stainless Steel Cyclonic Post Supports are U shaped anchors ideal for fixing timber posts in cyclonic or high wind areas on the coast.

Suitable for Cyclonic installations.

• Ideal for coastal cyclonic areas
• 6.00mm thick steel for extra strength
• Bolt Holes – 14mm Diameter, M12 size
• Designed for use with 12mm bolts as required in Queensland
• Complies with Australian Standards AS1684.2 and AS1684.3
• 304 Stainless Steel – durable, corrosion resistant, and suitable for use in some coastal and corrosive environments

Warning: Mandatory and recommended usage of stainless steel timber connectors varies in different states and areas – always check with your local building authorities. VUETRADE Stainless Steel fixings should always be used with CoastalSS stainless steel brackets.

Product Code(s)SizeBox Qty
VCYPS30090SS304300mm x 90mm1
VCYPS300100SS304300mm x 100mm1
VCYPS45090SS450mm x 90mm6
VCYPS450100SS450mm x 100mm6
VCYPS450115SS304450mm x 115mm1
VCYPS450125SS304450mm x 125mm1
VCYPS450135SS304450mm x 135mm1
VCYPS450140SS304450mm x 140mm1
VCYPS450150SS304450mm x 150mm1
VCYPS450180SS304450mm x 180mm1
VCYPS450200SS304450mm x 200mm1
VCYPS60090SS600mm x 90mm6
VCYPS600100SS600mm x 100mm6
VCYPS600115SS304600mm x 115mm1
VCYPS600125SS304600mm x 125mm1
VCYPS600135SS304600mm x 135mm1
VCYPS600140SS304600mm x 140mm1
VCYPS600150SS304600mm x 150mm1
VCYPS600180SS304600mm x 180mm1
VCYPS600200SS304600mm x 200mm1